Dream Career Management
What is Leadership Stage Dream career management?
Leadership Stage Dream career management is about taking control of your career to proactively ensure that your career is meeting both your professional and personal objectives.

Effective Leadership Stage Dream career management is built on firm foundations, so it is essential to have a clear understanding of your “career capital” i.e. your skills, experiences and potential. Exploring your career options and bench-marking your skills in the job market will help devise a clear, focused and realistic career plan. Developing an attractive sales pitch to prospective employers and learning how to create opportunities are the means by which the career plan will be implemented.

Leadership Stage Dream career management isn’t a single intervention but an ongoing strategy. However, there are times in your career when it will require more input, especially if you are looking for a job move or promotion.

What is the difference between Leadership Stage Dream career management and outplacement?
Outplacement services provide career and job-search support to those who are leaving their employer through a redundancy settlement

Our Leadership Stage Dream career management programmes are typically for those who are currently in work. They may be looking for career progression in terms of a new role, promotion or even a career change. They may also feel “stuck” career-wise and want to review their career options.

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How will I benefit from Leadership Stage Dream career management?
Our Leadership Stage Dream Career management has both immediate and longer term benefits:

  • Achieving higher salary

  • Enhancing job satisfaction and interest

  • Improving your marketability

  • Minimising risk where there is career uncertainty

  • Positioning yourself for future job opportunities

  • Creating balance between your personal and professional needs

  • How can Personal Leadership Stage Dream career management help me?
    Working with one of World's Leading /Specialist career coach, he will help you to manage your career by:

  • Identifying and assessing your key skills and experiences and any gaps

  • Working out what it is you really want to do for the future

  • Devising a practical career action plan to determine what to do and when

  • Maximising opportunities within your current organisation

  • Marketing your skills persuasively to potential external employers

  • Enhancing your salary negotiation skills to ensure that you are being paid appropriately and well

  • Reviewing your strategic action plan to ensure your career remains on-track and is able to accommodate unforeseen changes

  • What do the programmes cost?
    Our Leadership Stage Career Explorer programme provides solid foundations and a results-focused plan to accelerate career development. This programme is $20,000 ex GST.

    If you wish to combine this programme with our Job Search or Self employment programme, then the total cost of the combined programme will be $20,000 ex GST.

    We are happy to advise on which programme would best fit your needs.

    Easy payment terms are available for those wishing to spread the cost of this investment over 2 Weeks.

    How do I find out more?
    Send Us Your Resume t@leadershipstageexecutive.com

    Leadership Stage Dream Career Management operates under the CIPD Code of Practice for Outplacement and Career Management consultants.