Leadership Stage Bridge- I Don’t Need This

We know what you are thinking. Ninety-five percent of the executives who we work with tell us in the infancy of the program, “All I need is to get in front of someone and I will be fine.” We can count on one hand, the number of executive level clients who did not need assistance in networking, introductions and successfully delivering their value proposition. The hiring process at the senior executive level can be one huge bureaucracy; and the larger the company, the more substantial the red tape.

In many Tier One conglomerates, a job opening is confidentially announced within the decision maker’s circle of influence through executive networking. Statistics show that 75% of the time, the perfect candidate is found this way… but not yet hired. In most cases, due diligence is still performed and the decision maker will assign the HR and/or executive recruiting firms the search to find three to six additional candidates for an open position, ensuring that the best possible candidates are interviewed for the position. This exercise is used to placate company policy and meet EEOC compliance guidelines.

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So, if you are still thinking you don’t need this, think again. When you consider the sheer competitiveness of the job market, the bureaucracy that is often inseparable from the executive job search process, the potential for even highly qualified candidates to miss the opportunity to get in front of a decision maker, and – even if they manage to make it there – the likelihood that they will be unable to adequately represent their value, the odds are low that a great candidate will find – and land – their perfect position.

The Leadership Stage Executive Solutions does several things. For one, we cut through the red tape and effectively unite decision maker with qualified candidate. Additionally, we arm our clients with the tools that they need to market themselves persuasively throughout the interview process, and even through salary negotiations. We give our clients an edge; a distinctive advantage that allows them to stand out and surpass the competition. If you are considering a career change or the pursuit of another professional opportunity, you deserve the comprehensive support we can offer you here at The Leadership Stage Executive Solutions.