The Truth About Your Leadership Stage Dream Career Search Job Boards and Recruiters
The Truth About Your Leadership Stage  Dream Career Search Job Boards and Recruiters Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy.jpg

During their initial dream career job search, potential clients are often frustrated by the response they receive from the published market and recruiters; amazed and confused that a professional with their impressive qualifications could be consistently ignored or overlooked. What they may not realize, however, is the process that is typically followed by everyone from the HR professional to the executive headhunter who may be called in to help fill that position; and how a résumé – regardless of its merit – can be lost in the shuffle.

Let’s follow the likely executive job search for an executive opening at a given corporation: the word is out, the HR department has prepared the job order/candidate specs and both internal and external career recruiting teams are rolling up their collective sleeves to search for the right candidate.

Executive headhunters and recruiting teams are provided a detailed list of position prerequisites and they will (depending upon the sensitivity of the position) post the opportunity on an internal job board and in the public career section of their website, as well as relaying the details to confidential executive search and recruitment firms. Many times they will post career opportunities on the large public boards such as Monster, naukri,CareerBuilder, Dice, HotJobs, etc. Due to the efficiency of Internet job search engines, companies like microsoft,google,infosys,wirpro, IBM, AT&T, Apple, etc. usually receive up to 20,000 resumes for a single job. If they are executive sales recruiters like MRI, H&S or Korn Ferry, around 5,000 resumes will be received. Statistically, only 10% of those resumes will be read by a person.

Why Your Career Job Search Can Be Challenging If You Lack the Proper Help

Why Your Career Job Search Can Be Challenging If You Lack the Proper Help-Leadership Stage Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy.jpg

The first resume filters used are typically:

1) Employed vs. Unemployed (two stacks are made).

2) Preferred Degree or No Preferred Degree.

All of the employed candidates from the first stack are now separated into two new stacks. Candidates who are both unemployed and have a degree at a lower level than what is specified are SOL (So Out of Luck). It is very sad that when a career job search leads candidates to apply for opportunities on the Internet, years of career expertise, millions of dollars worth of accomplishments, and even proven positive impact on employer profits are largely ignored.

Rather than marketing your value proposition directly to the company by chasing publicly posted jobs like 99% of the planet does – mindlessly pointing and clicking on the Internet – we will market you directly to the key decision makers in each targeted company. When dealing with opportunities from our alumni, executive head hunter firms and recruiting partners, as well as companies who ask us to help them find a qualified executive, we always perform both written and verbal introductions to assist you in getting both feet in the door.

We are highly effective because we reach 100% of the job market and work for you, keeping the best interests of your career in mind at all times during your search for new opportunities.