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Can you identify your market value? Can you clearly articulate what it is that you have to offer a potential employer? What you deserve in terms of compensation? If you struggle with answering these questions you are not alone. So many of us, comfortable in our roles of fighting for others, furthering the efforts of our team, and shepherding the success of the projects for which we are responsible are somehow unable to represent and protect our own interests.

At The Leadership Stage Executive Solutions this is among our first order of business – helping you to clearly identify – and professionally represent your true value.

Your team will complete a comprehensive review of your entire career, including the positions you have held, your specific accomplishments, and your unique qualifications. A distinctive facet of this process is a live, double blinded interview of each of your references. Based on this individual, real world assessment, our dream career consultants, coaches and writers will create a highly motivational, employer-focused value proposition for you. These propositions will clearly demonstrate the benefit that you will deliver to a new employer or business partner.

Additionally, we will assist you one-on-one with specific methodology and strategy, from the first introduction through the entire interview process, including offer negotiations. After you land, we will prepare you to optimize your periodic reviews and evaluations, assisting you to maximize your opportunities for available raises and promotions.

Your value is, by far, one of the most important things to consider when making a career change. Recognizing what you have to offer – and what those qualifications are worth monetarily speaking – puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to interview and negotiate with confidence.

At The Leadership Stage Executive Solutions we work with our clients every step of the way – and our support does not end when a new job is found or dream career goal is met. As is part of our business philosophy, we look at our clients’ careers as a lifetime journey; things change, new situations are sought, opportunities are leveraged. We stand with our clients – as partners and, more importantly, as a comprehensive resource – as long as they need or want our support.

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