Using our cutting-edge assessment tools and processes, Executive Career Consultants provides analysis and feedback to help our clients identify and develop high-potential executives, select successful candidates, define organizational talent needs, evaluate leadership before and after mergers and acquisitions, identify performance gaps, and match the right talent to the right positions.

We combine academic assessment tests with practical, real-world business insight. Our experienced career counselors are certified and/or trained to create personalized assessments for individuals using a variety of state-of-the-art assessment tools:
  • Behavioral Interviews
  • The Birkman© Report
  • The Birkman© Coaching Report
  • CPI 260® Leadership Report
  • The Leadership Effectiveness AnalysisTM
  • Meyers Briggs MBTI® Step II Interpretive Report
  • Personal Directions®
  • Strong-Campbell Interests Inventory
Once our comprehensive diagnostics are complete, we assimilate all results to create a customized summary and analysis. This gives us a clearly defined picture that we can then compare to our custom analysis of the company's job specifications, culture, leadership team and personality, as well as against established standards.

Leadership Stage Appraisals
Leadership Stage Executive Solutions Leadership Appraisals evaluate top talent to determine competencies, strengths and areas for professional development. Gaps are identified between the leadership team's current skills and those needed for the future. The process provides a clear bench building strategy to ensure smooth succession of talent.

Selection Assessments
Our Selection Assessments are used to identify a match between organizational talent needs and the candidate with the skills and experience to succeed in the role. For assignments in which an individual will play a key role, Leadership Stage Executive Solutions (LSES) recommends an assessment process to measure each candidate against the organization's critical needs and determine how each individual will complement the executive team's talent.

360-Degree Administration and Feedback
Leadership Stage Executive Solutions (LSES)'s 360-degree assessment process involves collecting and interpreting data from multiple perspectives - from the boss, peers, direct reports and even customers - to evaluate the executive's management and leadership styles, communication style, interpersonal skills, decision-making, and functional areas of competence. This feedback gives executives an understanding of how others within the organization view their strengths and abilities, while pinpointing areas that need development. This process can be employed for individual contributors as well as teams.