Executive Outplacement
A high-touch alternative to traditional outplacement services, Leadership Stage Executive Solutions' Leadership Stage Executive Outplacement Solutions allow companies to offer their departing senior-level executives the highest-quality, most customized assistance available to help them define and achieve their personal career goals. Our one-on-one process helps candidates actually target and identify the right opportunities and contacts. Each executive's experience is highly personalized and is designed to match needs, timetables and desired results.

Relying on years of experience in executive search and executive outplacement, our Leadership Stage executive outplacement consultants focus on the specific needs of each senior-level executive and each client company. Why pay the same for old-fashioned outplacement when you can offer personalized service with lasting value?

Leadership Stage Executive Dream Career Consultants' executive transition management program starts with face-to-face meetings to develop recommendations for meeting each executive's individual goals. We also conduct a dream career and marketability assessment and help develop a personal marketing plan. Finally, we help launch a dream career search and provide advice on managing each executive's dream career search campaign.

Phase 1: Dream Career and Marketability Assessment
Our management assessment begins with a career review with a psychologist or licensed professional counsellor to clarify skills, interests, motivation and personality characteristics that influence career directions. Leadership Stage Executive Solutions also conducts an assessment of your career using a combination of relevant vocational interests, personality measures and work values instruments, as well as 360-degree feedback interviews with personal references.


A. Assessments

1. Self-Evaluation

2. Comprehensive Career Assessment and Feedback

3. Diagnostic Activity/Positioning

4. Spouse Counseling (as appropriate)

B. Decision Analysis/Options

1. Career Continuation

2. Career Change

3. Work-for-Self

4. Active Retirement *

Phase 2: Marketing Plans and Preparation
Phase 2 includes goal-setting, marketing plan development, resume completion, networking training, and communication enhancements, as well as interview preparation and training. In this phase of our executive transition management program, we will:
  • Help you:
    • develop a leadership stage marketing strategy that leverages your unique background and experience
    • establish attainable goals
    • develop a LSES strategic marketing plan
    • understand how specific skills may be transferable, so you can target opportunities that fit your personal goals and aspirations
  • Critique your resume, including specific suggestions for improvement and developing a winning resume
  • Help you prepare a biography, career summary and other self-marketing materials
  • Prepare you to interview in any situation, with advance interviewing techniques and practice with senior staff members
  • Provide senior-level networking techniques and uncover strategic opportunities for approaching targeted companies
  • Inform you about senior executive forums and networking events
  • Help you explore entrepreneurship, retirement, consulting and franchise opportunities
  • Give you full access to our online portal, offering a wide range of career transition resources such as market/employer research, assessment tools and links to major job boards and career sites


A. Communication Skills

1. Resume/Script Preparation

2. Interview Presentation/Visual Presentation

3. Networking Training

B. Marketing Plan

1. Strategies/Goal Setting

2. Systems Approaches

3. Competitive Processes

4. Negotiation and Offer Evaluation

5. Research Basis

Phase 3: Search Guidance and Management
The third phase of our leadership stage executive transition management program includes customized dream career and search coaching, as well as consultation. We will:
  • Conduct research to identify opportunities with corporations, recruiters and venture capital firms
  • Uncover appropriate job leads and research potential companies for resume submission
  • Provide support and advice when deciding which offer is best-suited for you, or when negotiating the employment package
  • Assist with introductions to target companies

Your personalized executive transition program delivers:
  • Dream Career exploration coaching
  • Career strategy exploration, development and implementation
  • Career review, comprehensive assessment and feedback to assess your strengths and challenges
  • Reference 360° assessment and feedback process
  • Dream Career search coaching
  • Customized resume and biography -Script and Visual Presentation creation
  • Research assistance to identify targets and opportunities
  • Customized e-mail to targeted companies and search firms
  • Video simulation to strengthen interviewing skills
  • Referral to executive search firms
  • Senior level networking assistance
  • Full access to our powerful online portal offering a wide range of resources for research and career transition support
  • Participation in OurLeadership Stage senior executive networking forums

  • In-Short

    A. Personal Plan/Time Management

    B. Facilities Utilization

    C. Access to the Marketing Systems

    D. Administrative Support

    E. Feedback/On-going Counseling

    We are committed to providing an individually tailored process, under the guidance of a full-time senior dream career consultant, as the most effective way to plan and implement a Dream career transition. We do not view the executives as a number or statistic. Each one is an individual with different needs and career aspirations. The work we do with each senior level executive is carefully tailored to the individual and is not an off-the-shelf program. And, we really care about the outcome. We maintain liaison with the client organization while insuring the confidentiality of the counseling relationship with thesenior level executive candidate. We strive for maximum return to both the individual and the corporate client.

    * Note: If an active retirement option is selected, Phases II and III are modified accordingly.

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