Dream Career Opportunity

job details

Job TitleCEO (Chief Executive Officer) /15+ years of exp / Dubai/Base 1138600 AED /Year + Bonus + Benefits
Job Description
  • Position Background

  • The CEO reports to the company Board of Directors
  • The incumbent provides leadership and direction to an extensive and diversified staff of 1400

    Direct reports includes:

  • The officers of company, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Executive Vice President of Community Relations, Vice President of Human Resources, and Medical director
  • The incumbent will participate as a voting member of the board of each operational organization
  • The CEO ensures financial and legal integrity, by retaining operational and administrative oversight of all system operations
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration between the special need consumers, the community, and the staff
  • The CEO will ensure that operational protocols are aligned with strategic objectives of the organization and employees are continually informed and included in those process to maximize individual contributions to the mission


  • Ensures program excellence, rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality of finance and administration, management, fundraising, communications, and operations systems
  • Set strategic direction for increase revenue generation
  • Enforces system policies established by board
  • Create transparency with members of the board
  • Create a strategic partnership with the board by developing and discussing policy, planning, emerging issues and solving them, seeking counsel, and advice as needed
  • Manages and plans for future growth
  • Expands visibility of organization's presence and develops relationships that seek and garners new business and fundraising
  • Seeks collaboration with government entities, community based groups, and private sector agencies
  • Responsible for information released to the public
  • Creates team player atmosphere
  • Challenges other with clear goals
  • Fosters an open environment for people to communicate regarding problems, obstacles, and risks
  • Established detailed steps, timetables, and resources required for achievement of short and long term objectives
  • Anticipates obstacles
  • Attracts and retains high performers
  • Market Analysis
  • Visualizes scenarios for business purposes
  • Anticipates trends, events, problems and opportunities and develop strategies for developing them
  • Initiates and leads the process of changing
  • Self-aware
  • Willing to speak the truth and advocate positions that may not be favorable with the majority
  • Inspire others with leadership
  • Genuine and consistent
  • Expands private revenue generating strategies and fundraising activities that directly support existing and new programs
  • Prepare, plan, and project a marketing strategy, that is approved by the Board and managed by the executive team, to ensure growing revenue stream


  • 15+ years of experience in an executive role
  • Demonstrates competency and creativity in strategic planning, finance, marketing, community/government relations, and health care management
  • History of entrepreneurial expansion of business models and results
Skills RequiredFundraising, Marketing, Financial, System Operations, Human Resources, Community Relations, Strategic Planning, Care Management, Marketing Strategy, Revenue Generation, Market Analysis,Leadership
Job IndustryCapital Goods/Machinery
Functional AreaSenior Management/ General Management
City/CountryDubai/United Arab Emirates ( UAE)
Job typeFull Time
Experience15+ years
SalaryBase 1138600 AED /Year + Bonus + Benefits