Services & Solutions
Services for Corporate Clients
Successful companies recognize that their most valuable asset is their people. Every day, senior executives make vital decisions that could bring about your company's rise or decline. An investment in those executives success is an investment in your company's future.

Leadership Stage Executive Solutions offers coaching and assessment services to help you develop your most critical talent. We also offer personalized executive outplacement services for your company's highly valued departing leaders.
  • Executive Outplacement. Leadership Stage Executive Solutions' executive outplacement services give companies a high-touch alternative to traditional outplacement services for their departing senior-level executives. The customized process helps them define their personal career goals, develop a personal marketing strategy to achieve them, and identify and target their next opportunities.

  • Executive Coaching. Leadership Stage Executive Dream Career Consultants' Executive Coaching service accelerates the growth of high-potential leaders and executives, and helps valued employees improve their effectiveness. Each coaching assignment aligns your organization's leadership-development strategy with your business strategy and goals.

  • Assessments. Using the latest assessment tools and processes, we help your company identify and develop high-potential executives, select successful candidates, define organizational talent needs, evaluate leadership, identify performance gaps, and match the right talent to the right positions. Our experienced career counselors are certified and/or trained to create personalized assessments using a variety of state-of-the-art assessment instruments.
Services for Independent Senior Executives
We don't only work with corporate clients. Independent senior executives can also take advantage of Leadership Stage Executive Dream Career Consultants' years of experience working with executives in transition. Our one-on-one services assist high-level executives seeking a new position or considering a career change:
  • Leadership Stage Senior Executive Dream Career Transitions. Our Leadership Stage Dream career transition process offers comprehensive, high-touch services to help executives develop personal career strategies that take them beyond the next position and closer to achieving long-term goals. The one-to-one, highly personalized program primarily focuses on calibration, preparation and action planning.