Why LSES Is Right for You
Leadership Stage Executive Solutions provides customized, one-to-one career services for corporate clients and senior executives. From personalized career-planning and transition strategies to board membership and coaching services, we help you optimize your earning potential, plan for marketplace changes and develop your long-term professional goals.

Executives in Transition:
Leadership Stage Executive Solutions understands the challenges that today's employers and top executives face. Our personalized approach helps you navigate such complex questions as:
  • How should my severance package, stock options and other benefits factor into my decision to take time off before taking on a new assignment?
  • How long will a job search at my level really take? Should I pursue a similar position within a new industry?
  • What are the risks for starting a new business? What credibility would I have as an entrepreneur? If my new business fails, could I return to my present role?
  • How does this career change affect my retirement goals?
  • Will taking time off have an impact on my marketability?
  • How do I identify companies that would benefit from my background and experience?
  • How can I prepare for upcoming interviews and improve my chances for success?
  • How do I determine if recruiting services, executive search firms or career consulting services are the right resource for me?
  • How can I learn about opportunities that aren't posted on job boards or in the media?
  • How can I locate boards in need of qualified members and secure a board appointment?
  • How can I conduct my job search in a confidential manner that won't jeopardize my current position?

Corporate Clients:
Leadership Stage Executive Solutions gets results that drive performance. In short, we help your company develop and retain top talent.

Leadership Stage Executive Solutions was built to be different and to serve the needs of corporations and private-equity clients who demand that executives perform and make money. We specialize in providing an objective, quantified assessment and a clear action plan that syncs with your business goals to generate quantifiable results.

Our comprehensive assessment process uncovers areas for improvement, performance gaps, and any conflicts within a management team structure. Then, we give employees the guidance they need to put new skills and behaviours into practice and make a difference to your organization.

The end result: employees and executives who are more successful, satisfied in their careers, loyal, and better-qualified to help your company succeed.

Thanks to our own real-world business experience, we understand business realities and return on investment. That's why our services are carefully aligned with your business strategy to deliver measurable value.